Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Q: Where are Lorraine’s jewelry items manufactured?
A: All of Lorraine’s designs are manufactured by hand in the USA

Q: Are your coins authentic?
A: Yes, all coins used in Lorraine’s designs are authentic.

Q: Are your mercury dimes 100% silver?
A: All mercury head dimes are 90% silver.

Q: Why does Lorraine’s Artistic Jewelry make use of Swarovski Austrian Crystal?
A: Swarovski Austrian Crystal is used in many of our designs simply because it is the finest crystal in the world. We take pride in our creations and want them to be the finest jewelry pieces available for our clients.

Q: What kind of metal do you use in your designs?
A: The metal I use is sold brass not pot metal. I have them plated in either an old gold or old silver finish.

Q: Q: Can you make a piece of jewelry out of a personal item?
A: Yes. Lorraine offers a product line called Sentimental Journey where we will transform your personal items into wearable memories. Visit the Sentimental Journey page for details.

Q: Do the watches in your designs work?
A: Vintage ladies watch pendants and bracelets do not work, but with a little bit of effort and a watch repair man, they can be made to tic away if you so desire. Most people simply like the collectability of such vintage items and to have something to share with their friends.

Q: How do I maintain the luster and beauty of designs made with utensils?
A: Items made from old silverware, which is silver plate, can be polished with silver polish or a polishing rag.

Q: Are the keys used in your typewriter jewelry faux or authentic?
A: Typewriter key jewelry is available in faux or authentic keys. Each item is specified accordingly.

Q: Is nickel in any of your designs?
A: No

Q: What type of earwires are used on your earrings and are they hypoallergenic?
A: Currently lever-back and fish hook style earwires are available. These earwires are hypoallergenic.

Q: Am I guaranteed to receive my order identical to items displayed on the website, at trade shows, or presented by sales reps?
A: Because Lorraine’s designs are manufactured by hand, slight irregularities may exist between the item seen on display and the actual item received. Special note: recycled and antique items in Lorraine’s line, including but not limited to watches, buttons, and lockets will not be identical to items on display as no two parts are the same.

Q: What payment terms are available?
A: Payment is due at the time of order processing unless other arrangements have been made. Credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted as are company checks. Net 30 or 60 terms are available only to stores/organizations purchasing $5,000+ per year. Late payments will accrue 10% penalty

Q: Do you accept local pick up?
A:We will be happy to arrange for local delivery or pick up of orders placed in middle Tennessee.

Q: How long does it take to process my order?
A: Lorraine’s products are made as each order is placed. Because some parts are difficult to find we allow 4-6 weeks on delivery; however, we strive to ship the order much sooner than that. Large orders do take longer for processing than smaller one’s.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase?
A:Yes. For Domestic orders the minimum purchase is $200.00

If ordering items for any holiday, we MUST receive your clear payment 15 days prior to the date order is required in house to have time to process & ship. Please make a note with your order if you need the item by a certain date.

Q: Can you ship my order to an address other than my billing address?
A:Yes. Please be sure to make us aware of this requirement at them time you place your order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! We do offer Worldwide shipping. Additional charges do apply. Also, International Customers are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance for your items. We do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged international shipments that are uninsured.

Q: What should I do if the item was broken or defective?
A: We do offer return / exchange under certain circumstance. Please refer to our Wholesale Policies for details.

Q: What if I received a wrong item?
A: Please notify us by sending an e-mail to customerservice@lorrainesdesigns.net. In the subject please indicate “wrong item received.” We will pay for the return shipping fee and send you the correct item right away.